Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yet Another One Has Passed Away

I just read another fellow “Lymie” has passed away. This is so sad and discouraging. I believe this is the fourth member of the forum I post on that has died since I joined in Nov 2008. This is just the fourth that I KNOW of. Who says Lyme can’t kill???

I remember one day going to my Dr for my IV treatment and asking where the “sinus infection lady was”. She had died the night before and this was the first I had heard of it. I was shocked. We both received our treatments at the same time, every day. She was a quiet, friendly lady about my parents age. She had a sinus infection that ate through her facial bones and spread to her brain and eventually killed her.

Another day I asked where the “breast cancer lady” was. No one knew for sure and I am guessing she had passed away as well. The staff cannot say so it was all of us in the waiting room chatting. This lady was a trooper! She would go for Chemo, then IV meds, then hybaric oxygen therapy…everyday. I told her it was a full time job to be sick! Goodness!

Ya see, when you go for regular treatments and meet all the other sick-o-s, you become friends and share stories. I KNOW Lyme is not Cancer and antibiotic treatment is not Chemo but it is still a pretty big downer to go to the Dr every darn day to get your meds.

It’s an even bigger dower when you try so hard to get well and still become defeated by your illness, whatever it may be.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I got shot 33 times…

Yes, that is right. I have been injected 33 times with basically battery acid. I have made it to my maintenance level for my allergy shots. Go me! Now, I just have to go once next week, once two weeks after that then once a month for FIVE years. As opposed to two to three shots a week.

I must say, my allergies are much better.
My Infectious Disease Dr tried to get me to the allergist after the first time I saw him (Dec 07). He said my histamine level was too elevated. I said, I know I have allergies, duh and didn’t think much of it. After all I had sinus surgery back in Jan 05 for an infection and to remove polyps so I thought I was good to go.

Then this past Dec, I got such a bad sinus infection I had to do three days of IV antibiotics. So I decided to take the allergy thing more serious and started allergy shots. And guess what…no more sinus infections.

I got shots back when I was in high school, all the way through college. So, I wasn’t exactly excited to do it yet again.

Interesting my allergies developed shortly after I got bite by the tick (June 1994). Nooo, it’s not interesting. That what happens when you go undiagnosed with Lyme. Your health goes to crap.
Looking back, I wish I never had the sinus surgery. I wish I had been offered IV antibiotics. The Dr had to go in through my gum to get to the polyp and now anytime my allergies bother me, my incision site feels swollen and drives me nuts. It wasn’t even that necessary to remove the darn polyp. I had the surgery to remove the infection, which I think IV could have done just as well. I had known about the polyp since I was 10 or so and it was no big deal.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

For All You Virginians...Tick-Borne Diseases, Prevention, Education, and Research Act

Lyme Disease On The Rise

With all of the natural beauty in our area drawing people outdoors, and with warm summer days just around the corner, Virginians need to know how to protect themselves from exposure to bacteria-carrying black-legged ticks, the primary cause of Lyme disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases of Lyme disease in Virginia have more than doubled in recent years. Local public health officials have also reported increased prevalence of ticks in our area.

I want to draw your attention to recent articles in The Washington Post and The Winchester Star about the danger of Lyme and what you can do to protect yourself from this dreaded disease. After holding an informational forum on Lyme disease last summer, I have become a co-chair of the House Lyme Disease Caucus, and an original cosponsor of the Tick-Borne Diseases, Prevention, Education, and Research Act (H.R. 1179).

As a grandfather of 13, I worry that folks in our area aren’t checking young children or even themselves for ticks after being outdoors and encourage you to educate yourself about the Lyme threat, which can cause fever and fatigue, as well are more severe manifestations such as meningitis and Bell’s palsy.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.

For more on these or other issues, please visit

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Game Plan for Now

After 14 months of antibiotics, I am on to a new game plan.

I have done intercellular antibiotics, extracellular antibiotic, IV antibiotics antiviral meds…ugg I am so done.

I started Humaworm yesterday. It wasn't expensive and I seem to be doing well with it. After that I will do the bowel cleanse, liver cleanse and maintain with this stuff called Enula along with a daily probiotic.

Here is a site about inner body cleanse as well

So after I do all this I expect to back to normal. I just don't want to keep poisoning myself with pharmaceuticals that mask the symptoms. I need to TREAT the disease. All of the above kill the virus load I have too, Mycoplasma and Epstein Barr. By then I will be at maintenance level for my allergies too which are doing much better.

For now, my only remaining symptoms from the Lyme are fatigue and my legs tingle sometimes. The fatigue kills me though. I need to work on my sercadium rhythm as well for good quality sleep. My short term memory isn’t that great either. I have this annoying eye thing that drives me nuts. I feel like something is crawling around in there. Maybe there is something in there, who knows.

I plan to see an acupuncturist when I go home to Virginia for the summer for a few visits to boost my immune system. I also plan to get to the gym as much as I can while my parents watch the kids. Once I get back to Florida I will start Aquatic Therapy three times a week. I think, and pray, after all this work, I will be as good as I can get. If not I can do another round of IV my Dr, said.

I'm pretty optimistic about this. I have read a ton about it from my Lyme blog support website. I am also sitting outside in the sun for 15 minutes a day to be sure to get my Vitamin K and D!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Name Behind My Blog

For as long as I can remember I have believed in intuition.

My Mom would tell me so-and-so is pregnant. Sure enough; in a few days we would get the news that that person is pregnant.

For me, I have never been wrong about my intuition either.

My first recollection of knowing something was wrong before it actually happened was when I was in the sixth grade or so.

My mom, sister and I went on a vacation to North Carolina to the beach and my brother and dad went fishing in Alaska.

We got back from our trip first expecting my dad and brother in a few days.

The night they were returning home, my mom sister and I all woke up in the middle of the night at the SAME time. We remember hearing a loud noise. We were asking one another why they were up. None of us could sleep. That’s odd we thought.

Minutes later, my brother called and said they had been in a car accident a mile from our house.

That’s what woke all of us, the sound, or intuition, of their car accident.

Thank God they were not hurt.

So this leads me to the title of my blog.

This is my first post so I'm playing around

Sad to say I am a prefessional Graphic Designer and I have no idea how this blog thing works. Give me some time and I'll have a cool design and will be up and running.